The Age of Bones

The Age of Bones


The Age of Bones (Jaman Belulang) is an Australian-Indonesian co-production about an Indonesian boy, Ikan, who goes fishing one day and fails to return.

Assuming the worst, his parents hire a legendary seafarer to look for his corpse. He finds nothing. The Age of Bones traces what happened to Ikan – from the day he left to his eventual imprisonment in Australia and his fight to return home. Darwin writer Sandra Thibodeaux was inspired by the real-life stories of around 60 Indonesian boys who were jailed in Australia for working on refugee boats.

The Age of Bones is mostly set under the ocean in an underwater court, a fantastical piece realized through shadow puppets, video and music.

The project is produced by Satu Bulan in association with Teater Satu and Performing Lines. After an opening season in Lampung, the play tours through Indonesia and Australia in 2017.


Writer Sandra Thibodeaux
Co-Directors Iswadi Pratama (Teater Satu) & Alex Galeazzi
Composer & Sound Design Panos Couros
Puppetry (Dalang) Wayan Sira & Made Gunanta
Lighting Ahmad Jusmar
Digital Design Mic Gruchy
Costume Design Imas Sobariah
Translator Kadek Krishna Adidharma

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