Teater Satu Actor Goes International to Japan

Teater Satu Actor Goes International to Japan


Teater Satu News (Bandar Lampung)- This year is going to be a big year for Laras Utami (26), actor of Teater Satu, as she was elected to role in Tadashi Suzuki’s play Dionysus in the upcoming year through SCOT-PURNATI Collaboration Project.

SCOT-PURNATI is the Collaboration of Contemporary Theater between Bumi Purnati Indonesia and Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT), founded by Tadashi Suzuki—one of the big names in theater world and the creator of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training. This collaboration will be performed in August 2018 at International Theater Festival, in Toga, Japan.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.33.59 AMUtami has been doing theater since she joined Teater Satu Lampung in high school. Since then, she has performed in several works of Teater Satu including The Chairs’ adaptation by Iswadi Pratama that was also performed in  Japan’s oldest international theatre festival known as SCOT Summer Season last year. That was Indonesia’s first time attending the festival.

However, Utami’s road to SCOT is not as easy as it seems. She did not make it in the first audition that she joined together with another Teater Satu actor, Vita Octaviana, in June 2016. It was when she performed in Japan with Teater Satu that she stole the eyes of SCOT that she was recommended to take another audition in Bali. After a very strict training and quarantine, Utami was chosen as one of 13 Indonesian actors from all over the country to contract with SCOT until 2018. Utami is the only representative from Lampung, Sumatra.

There are going to be 13 Indonesian actors and 2 Japanese actors to star in Suzuki’s Dionysus. Actors will rehearse in Toga, Japan, in four trips. The first rehearsal is in this month, as she is leaving today (19/4) to Japan after a week of pre-departure training in Jakarta with Purnati Indonesia. Each rehearsal in Japan lasts for about 3 weeks to a month. The next rehearsal will be in September-October 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.34.31 AM
Utami with all actors during Bali audition and training 2016

Since the audition until today, actors have been trained strictly with Suzuki’s actor training method. As introduction to the technique, they have to do an  extremely physical regime, which trains actors to work from their core and builds discipline, strength, and focus. Suzuki teaches that acting “begins and ends with the feet”; numerous exercises include controlled (and repetitive) forms of stomping and squatting that create a connected center and bring the body to the brink of exhaustion. The method originated at SCOT (the Suzuki Company of Toga, Japan), is taught all over the world, and is practiced at the SITI company alongside Bogart’s Viewpoints.

Utami said she feels very blessed to be a part of the project as she learns a lot from the people about different actor training and hopes that more alike collaboration will be held to open opportunities for Indonesian youth who have passion in performing arts like her.

**Editor: Citra Ayu Wardani