The Philosophy of Teater Satu

The Philosophy of Teater Satu

  1. Faith in art

Teater Satu believes in art, that art can be the pathway in life. It believes that theater is a way of life, a pathway that should be crossed by people for a better life. Having a strong faith is an important first step as it is the foundation that will help us to stand strong when facing the wind.



  1. Practice Art

The second principle complements the first principle, meaning that only believing is not enough, one has to realize what he believes into actions. If you believe in art, then do arts, that is what makes someone an artist.


  1. The Importance of Sharing

14690868_353954834943099_5884134124222479205_nTeater Satu believes that knowledge is only real when shared. Hence, the knowledge shared is free of charge, senior members who already gained more knowledge from national and international experience share them to other new eager members who will apply that too once they’re seniors. When you help people growing, you are also growing.


  1. Commitment and consistency

Commitment and consistency of doing what you do and started is important. We believe that hardwork never betrays and nothing great can be achieved if you’re not practicing it consistently. At Teater Satu, we are trained to keep practicing six nights a week even if there’s no project to perform. Since the beginning, we’re taught that the dedication as an artist must be oriented to the works of art, not the stage or reputation.