Teater Satu in Brief

Teater Satu in Brief

14606337_345761202429129_5151982340143149937_nTeater Satu is an independent non-profit art community dedicated to all aspects of theater based in Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia. Founded on the 18th of October 1996 by Iswadi Pratama and Imas Sobariah (co-founder), Teater Satu has been actively involved in developing communities in various fields such as education, culture, social and art through art performances, researches, discussion and seminars, trainings, art appreciation as well.

With its vision and mission to be a nation and international wide professional organization, Teater Satu is built by a strong motivation to provide a creative home for artists, especially theater, in Lampung. To date, Teater Satu has established itself in national and international scale and has given its best performances in various countries.

Using theater as its medium, Teater Satu plays its social function among society to create and grow critical discourses. Teater Satu has published two books of its actors’ notes on creative process and two poetry anthologies by Iswadi Pratama, the founder and director of Teater Satu.

Its existence in Sumatra has helped to enrich Indonesian theater that used to be centralized in Java, in which most developments of the country were focused to. Started with only three people, now Teater Satu has 25 active members with new actors keep coming to learn about performing art.

The training and learning process that Teater Satu dedicates is free of charge and held 6 nights a week. Most actors of Teater Satu are youth with strong determination to learn about and live with art, because in Teater Satu they are trained to keep practicing every night—as during the day, most of them work, as teachers, employees, trainers, etc—under every circumstance, with or without performing schedule. The training itself includes fitness training, theatrical lessons, and also lecture and discussion forum. This refers to Stanislavski’s actor training methods which focus in developing actors emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Aside from promoting arts as a crucial mean to help and shape the society around it, Teater Satu has also helped in altering the lives of its own members, opening doors to the professional opportunities in performing art.

The strength of Teater Satu is not only its actors’ skills, but also its grouping/ choreography under Iswadi Pratama’s green thumb that always keeps the performance dynamic and gives memorable effect to the audience. Pratama himself is a renowned playwright in Indonesia. The actors and members are also trained to adjust and adapt when they have to perform outside Lampung. Holding the wisdom of ‘Desa, Kala, Patra‘ (Place, Time and Condition), with various limitation and being out of their comfort zone, the team always try to keep the play on and give the best performance to the audience.