Lampung actor elected to participate in Asian Performing Art Forum in Japan

Lampung actor elected to participate in Asian Performing Art Forum in Japan


Teater Satu News (LAMPUNG)- An actor from Teater Satu, Desi Susanti (27) is elected to join an international-scale workshop for Asian performing artists in Japan by the end of this year.

International Collaboration Workshop is organized by Asian Performing Arts Forum (APAF) and co-organized by The Japan Foundation Asia Center. It is a platform to seek mutual understanding and to encourage collaborations among young performing artists in Asian countries, especially South East Asian countries. The forum has annually held events for 15 years since it was inaugurated in 2002. This year, the workshop will take place in two places; Shizouka and Tokyo from 19 November to 5 December 2017.

Indonesia will send three of its best actors, one of the elected actors is Desi from Teater Satu while the other two names have not been announced yet by The Japan Foundation.

In the workshop, all the elected artists (directors and actors) will be grouped into three teams to create a 15-minutes original production on a theme set by the producer to be publicly presented in Tokyo Metropolitan Festival on 1-2 December 2017. The theme of this year’s workshop is theatrical make-up which is an essential elements in theatrical plays.

Desi has been active in theater since high school by joining Teater Satu with her best friends who are also still active in the group; Baysa Deni, Laras Utami and Vita. All of them have made their way to perform in Japan for the first time in SCOT Summer Festival 2016 along with other actors and crew of Teater Satu.

With Baysa Deni in Iswadi Pratama’s adaptation of Buried Child
Amangkurat by Goenawan Muhammad, July 2017

Mid this year, Desi performed a monologue Kenang-kenangan Seorang Wanita Pemalu by W.S Rendra, directed by Iswadi Pratama in event held by The Japan Foundation. She also acted in Goenawan Muhammad’s latest play, Amangkurat, directed by Iswadi Pratama in July 2017.

For Desi, theater has been one of the greatest things happened in her life that has opened doors for her that she could not imagine before. She hopes more opportunities will come to young Indonesian actors, not only to her, but also to those willing to pursue life in theater. Through this workshop, she hopes she can bring home many useful skills and knowledge as well as engage networks that can help to develop Indonesian theater, especially in Sumatra.

Editor: Citra Ayu Wardani