14568243_348303448841571_8909725260970063248_nFor over 20 years, we’ve brought people together to experience the power of theater. We learn, we do and we share knowledge and feelings through the passion for art.

By supporting TeaterSatu Lampung, you play a role in sustaining live theatre culture, the spirits and hopes of other people, and you invest in its future. Donations are used to accomplish the following:

  • Achieve the very best quality and artistry on our performances,
  • Develop new plays and other works,
  • Train the next generation of actors,
  • Introduce young people the performing arts

If you believe that theater should remain strong and vibrant, especially in Sumatra, please consider making a contribution now. Every bid of it is highly appreciated.

Donation can be made by contacting one of our CPs or by simply buying our books. Book orders can be processed by contacting:

Citra Ayu Wardani (IT & Comms) +628994045666

Email: teatersatucompany@gmail.com